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Data analysis of our flight

When you want to terminate the flight, simply click on the "Finish!" button. VivendoByte FlightSim Logger will save all the data in a .zip file.

File zip

The software automatically put your .zip file in your Documents\VivendoByte FlightSim Logger.

This zip file contains the following files:
- a .kml file: you can open it using Google Earth
- a .csv file: you can open it using Excel template available under "Download" section of this website

Data Analysis with Google Earth

File zip

You can open KML file with Google Earth, then you can explore and navigate the log directly on Google Maps. The flight will be rendered with latitude, longitude and altitude. In fact, the flight is a real 3D trace in the virtual sky of Google Earth. Using Google Earth features you can customize colors and style of the flight trace: you can load multiples flight log at the same time, and draw each flight with different colors.

Data Analysis with Microsoft Excel

If you want to analyze accurately your flight, you must use our Excel template: you can find it under "Download" section of this website. Excel template is compatible with Excel 97/2003/2007/2010, both Italian and English localization. Once you have imported .csv file, you can obtain a lot of data, in two different format: analytical and graphical. For example:
- altitude pattern
- banking pattern in two different mode
- statistics about overflown terrain
- rpm pattern (for a maximum of four engines)
- aircraft and fuel weight
- fuel flow pattern

To load a .csv file, please follow these steps:
- extract .csv file from the .zip file generated by VivendoByte FlightSim Logger
- download Excel template and save it wherever you want on your PC
- open Excel template
- press CTRL + SHIFT + L to start the macro: select .csv file that you want open

The import procedure will load the flight log, and automatically updates all the diagram. Please wait confirmation message.
File zip

File zip