Profile Data of Vieri Bandini
Total Number Flights 2367
Total Invalid Number Flights 590
Invalid Flights (%) 24.93 %
Average Flight Duration 0h 58m 37s
Longest Flight 26h 00m 20s - 
Softest touch-down Vertical Speed -.15 feet/min - 
Maximum Altitude Reached 42491.05 feets - 
Preferred Aircrafts
Boeing 737-832NGX PVI Winglets 604 flights
Boeing 737-8ASNGX Ryanair Winglets 101 flights
Boeing 737-800NGX House Winglets 97 flights
Boeing 737-800WL PVI2 79 flights
Cessna Skyhawk G1000 Asobo 61 flights
Preferred Flight Rules
PVI Airlines European Tour 662h 32m 48s sec
VFR 608h 46m 34s sec
IFR 466h 15m 31s sec
PVI Airlines Extremos das Americas Tour 118h 28m 29s sec
IVAO IFR 104h 44m 55s sec
Test 72h 26m 46s sec
PVI Airlines World Tour 777&Friends 47h 06m 18s sec
PVI Airlines Mediterraneo 2019 VFR Tour 33h 05m 54s sec
PVI Airlines Wonderful Europe Tour 31h 28m 38s sec
PVI Airlines Pacific Islands 2015 29h 34m 53s sec
Giro d'Europa 2016 23h 04m 47s sec
Egeo Tour 21h 52m 09s sec
IVAO VFR 21h 16m 04s sec
West USA Tour 20h 31m 20s sec
Norvegia Tour 14h 06m 35s sec
IVAO Tour IFR 10h 18m 01s sec
Giro d'Italia 2015 8h 42m 04s sec
England Tour 7h 42m 49s sec
Fly the Alps 4h 24m 41s sec
IVAO Tour VFR 3h 43m 05s sec
Other 2h 52m 43s sec
Aeroclub GOING HOME 2h 18m 46s sec
Flying Alaska 1h 13m 47s sec
Tour mondiale C337H 0h 00m 00s sec