Profile Data of Andrea Deplano
Total Number Flights 6630
Total Invalid Number Flights 1316
Invalid Flights (%) 19.85 %
Average Flight Duration 1h 21m 21s
Longest Flight 33h 24m 40s - 
Softest touch-down Vertical Speed .00 feet/min - 
Maximum Altitude Reached 999999998878881.00 feets - 
Preferred Aircrafts
Boeing 737-800WL PVI2 333 flights
Airbus A320 PVI 152 flights
Boeing 737-600NGX PMDG PVI 124 flights
Airbus A320 Neo PVI 97 flights
PMDG 777-243LR PVI 85 flights
Preferred Flight Rules
IVAO Tour IFR 4205h 31m 48s sec
IFR 1298h 32m 20s sec
IVAO Tour VFR 1196h 40m 40s sec
IVAO IFR 723h 48m 07s sec
VFR 489h 26m 46s sec
Charter PVI Airlines 184h 52m 41s sec
PVI Airlines World Tour 777&Friends 124h 47m 30s sec
PVI Airlines Extremos das Americas Tour 81h 00m 14s sec
PVI IVAO Tour 2013 67h 29m 09s sec
Crazy Horse World Tour 64h 41m 11s sec
PVI Airlines From East to West 62h 16m 10s sec
IVAO VFR 55h 28m 37s sec
PVI Airlines European Tour 54h 55m 50s sec
PVI Airlines Turboprop 2019 Tour 53h 51m 59s sec
La mia Africa Tour 50h 05m 05s sec
Voli linea PVI Airlines 38h 37m 03s sec
PVI Caraibi 2015 24h 21m 32s sec
PVI Airlines Pacific Islands 2015 24h 05m 34s sec
Norvegia Tour 23h 54m 43s sec
PVI Airlines Wonderful Europe Tour 23h 19m 51s sec
Vecchia Europa Tour 21h 48m 53s sec
PVI Airlines Mediterraneo 2019 VFR Tour 20h 46m 16s sec
PVI Airlines Winter Tour 2015 20h 39m 36s sec
Alla ricerca di Nessie 18h 31m 07s sec
England Tour 15h 36m 23s sec
Test 15h 13m 50s sec
Egeo Tour 12h 03m 45s sec
Not Available 4h 56m 43s sec
PVI2013SE 4h 15m 04s sec
Flight School 4h 07m 16s sec
Aeroclub GOING HOME 3h 38m 17s sec
Missions 2h 40m 51s sec
Halloween Open Day 2h 10m 08s sec
PVI Ustica Memorial 2013 1h 17m 06s sec
Precision Landing LI13 1h 13m 08s sec
Giro D'Italia 1h 06m 36s sec
Giro d'Europa 2016 1h 02m 02s sec
Precision Landing TNCE 1h 01m 59s sec
PVI102T 0h 00m 00s sec
PVI2014SE 0h 00m 00s sec
PVI320S 0h 00m 00s sec
PVI321S 0h 00m 00s sec