Profile Data of Giorgio Bompiani
Total Number Flights 558
Total Invalid Number Flights 12
Invalid Flights (%) 2.15 %
Average Flight Duration 1h 01m 32s
Longest Flight 3h 02m 50s - 
Softest touch-down Vertical Speed -.49 feet/min - 
Maximum Altitude Reached 39303.31 feets - 
Preferred Aircrafts
Airbus A320 Neo ITA Airways (A32NX Converted) 104 flights
Cessna Skyhawk G1000 Alpha Aviation PVI 75 flights
Bonanza G36 Asobo 73 flights
Cessna Skyhawk G1000 Asobo 47 flights
TBM 930 Asobo 34 flights
Preferred Flight Rules
VFR 160h 31m 52s sec
IFR 150h 58m 00s sec
Alla ricerca di Nessie 40h 14m 35s sec
Holidays Flights 34h 01m 44s sec
Winter Tour (Part II) 33h 35m 13s sec
Vecchia Europa Tour 30h 50m 57s sec
West USA Tour 25h 31m 52s sec
I piloti della Malesia 24h 10m 46s sec
La mia Africa Tour 21h 48m 10s sec
IVAO Tour VFR 21h 21m 31s sec
Test 11h 11m 26s sec
World Tour towards East PVI 7h 00m 08s sec
Giro D'Italia 5h 48m 01s sec
Other 2h 27m 14s sec
Fly the Alps 2h 19m 01s sec
Around the world 2h 16m 30s sec
Winter Tour (Part I) 1h 57m 30s sec
IVAO VFR 1h 14m 48s sec