Profile Data of GIOTROMBA
Total Number Flights 190
Total Invalid Number Flights 48
Invalid Flights (%) 25.26 %
Average Flight Duration 0h 46m 32s
Longest Flight 5h 22m 57s - 
Softest touch-down Vertical Speed -.14 feet/min - 
Maximum Altitude Reached 33072.03 feets - 
Preferred Aircrafts
Cessna Skyhawk Asobo 36 flights
Cessna Skyhawk 172Sp Classic Aviators Club Livery 21 flights
TBM 930 Asobo 14 flights
Cessna Skyhawk Classic Alpha Aviation PVI 14 flights
Bonanza G36 Asobo 8 flights
Preferred Flight Rules
VFR 138h 44m 25s sec
Fly the Alps 6h 04m 15s sec
West USA Tour 3h 33m 27s sec