Profile Data of Renato Galter
Total Number Flights 428
Total Invalid Number Flights 24
Invalid Flights (%) 5.61 %
Average Flight Duration 1h 37m 41s
Longest Flight 9h 46m 06s - 
Softest touch-down Vertical Speed -.77 feet/min - 
Maximum Altitude Reached 998956117785251.00 feets - 
Preferred Aircrafts
Airbus A320 PVI2 63 flights
MJC8Q400_PVI_B 61 flights
Fly The Maddog X MD-82 - Alitalia 39 flights
Aerosoft A320 professional PVI 37 flights
Fly The Maddog X MD-82 - GC Alitalia I-DATI 24 flights
Preferred Flight Rules
IFR 544h 18m 40s sec
VFR 60h 50m 31s sec
PVI Airlines Extremos das Americas Tour 42h 44m 51s sec
PVI Airlines Wonderful Europe Tour 22h 01m 52s sec
PVI Airlines Turboprop 2019 Tour 17h 51m 15s sec
England Tour 5h 45m 55s sec
IVAO IFR 5h 18m 46s sec