Privacy policy on FlightSim Logger services

FlightSim Logger is committed to protecting user privacy. Most of the service can be used without having to communicate any personal or sensitive data, but in some cases you may need to provide information to be able to access the services offered. This privacy policy describes the mechanisms for collecting and processing of data in such cases. This privacy statement applies only to the services made available by the application FlightSim Logger published for the platform Windows.

Collection and use of personal data

We will ask for personal information only in cases where such information is necessary to identify or contact you. This generally occurs in cases where it is necessary to register to use a service; for example, to leave a comments, participate in a discussion or publish your flights. These informations is used to improve the quality of service and provide general statistics regarding use of the service FlightSim Logger. The data on the pages visited are never linked to your personal information. Personal information is collected in order to access value-added services. In no event shall such information will be shared publicly or with other users of FlightSim Logger service, without explicit permission from the user.

Access to personal information

Personal information provided to FlightSim Logger for recording or for other purposes is not shared with third parties without explicit permission from the user, except in the limited circumstances described above. Personal information provided will always be used for the purposes described above. Registration, requested at the first startup of the application, also allows the user to specify whether you want to be contacted by FlightSim Logger and the typology in which such contact is to take place.

Use of trademarks, logos and trade names

All trademarks, brand names, company names, products, services, names and logos mentioned in the services FlightSim Logger (applications for Windows, Windows Phone, websites) are the exclusive property of their respective owners and they are protected by current legislation on trademarks, intellectual property and/or copyright. They are mentioned for informational and reporting purposes, as it required by the service provided functionality; on them FlightSim Logger has no right. If the presence of any of these elements is not that requested by the respective owner, you can write to to request removal.

How to contact us

We welcome your feedback and comments on this privacy policy. We invite you to contact us at: