General Data
Flight ID 2996
Flight Number
Group Name PVI
Simulator Flight Simulator X
Flight Data Recorder Timer ms
Software Version n/a
Pilot Name Giuseppe Carcano 
Flight Type VFR 
Takeoff Data
GPS Position Lat : 45.543° Lon : 8.670°
Aircaft Name AgustaWestland 109 vippi  (No ratings)
Engine Type Helicopter
Vr (Rotation Speed) 4.57 knots
Aircraft weight at takeoff 2810.46 Kg
Fuel weight at takeoff 1086.35 Kg
Vertical Speed at takeoff 88.43 feet/min
Takeoff time (on aircraft)
Takeoff time (user system)
Touch-down Data
GPS Position Lat : 46.162° Lon : 8.882°
Touch-down speed 41.41 knots
Aircraft weight at touch-down 15585317503.08 Kg
Fuel weight at touch-down 962.98 Kg
Vertical Speed at touch-down -153.79 feet/min
Touch-down time (on aircraft)
Touch-down time (user system)
Missing landing ? False
Flight Time
Flight Time (on aircraft) 0h 20m 00s
Flight Time (user system) 0h 20m 13s
General Data and Penalties
Fuel consumed 123.38 Kg
Fuel consumed during flight 11.36 %
Total weight lost during flight n/a %
Throttle over 80% .00 %
Stall condition during flight .00 sec
Autopilot ON during flight .00 sec
Overspeed condition during flight 1.00 sec
Slew Mode ON during flight .00 sec
Unlimited fuel ON during flight .00 sec
Main door opened during flight .00 sec
Simulation Rate not valid during flight .00 sec
Speed over 250knots under 10.000 feets .00 sec
Left Banking not valid (< -30°) .00 sec
Right Banking not valid (> +30°) .00 sec
Vertical speed > 1500 ft/minute 183.00 sec
Vertical speed < -1500 ft/minute 191.00 sec
Maximum altitude reached 220173445.37 feets
Negative VSI during takeoff 19.00 sec
Vertical speed > 1500 ft/minute during takeoff 40.00 sec
Gear down during takeoff 2.00 sec
Altitude gear up after takeoff 600.05 feets
Altitude gear down before landing 1540.93 feets
Seconds between takeoff and gear up 2.00 sec
Altitude Autopilot ON after takeoff n/a feets
Altitude Autopilot OFF before landing n/a feets
Autopilot ON below 1500 feet .00 sec
Gear down during all the flight 81.00 sec
Night Flight .00 sec
Points Status
Points per Minute n/a ppm ()
Points (time-calculated) 20
Bonus for Autopilot OFF 0
Penalty for gear-up delayed 0
Penalty for Overspeed condition 0
Penalty for IFR Overspeed condition 0
Penalty for stall condition 0
Penalty for too low altitude gear down 0
Penalty for negative VSI during takeoff -1
Penalty for heavy touch-down 0
Total Points gained 19
Available content
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CSV File
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