Installation and licensing for Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10, the best way to buy, download and install VivendoByte FlightSim Logger is to find it using the Windows Store.

Installation of VivendoByte FlightSim Logger

Installation and licensing for previous version of Windows

Install VivendoByte FlightSim Logger on Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10 is very simple and straight-forward. Click on "Install VivendoByte FlightSim Logger" below. VivendoByte FlightSim Logger will be installed on your PC using ClickOnce technology (more information from Wikipedia). ClickOnce permits the deploy of updates automatically. If your PC is connected to the Internet, every time you launch VivendoByte FlightSim Logger it will search for updates, and eventually install them automatically. No more problem, manual download or complicated procedures!

Install VivendoByte FlightSim Logger

Installazione di VivendoByte FlightSim Logger

VivendoByte FlightSim Logger is not free, you need to use PayPal to buy your personal license.

Portable Edition

Download and unzip the file wherever you want, and enjoy FlightSim Logger!
Apply updates to FlightSim Logger it's up to you!

Download zip file

Offline data analysis

You can use this Microsoft Excel to analyze your flight in offline scenario. The best way is to use the online Roster, but it is still a valid tool.

Download Excel template for data analysis

Startup and First registration

You can launch VivendoByte FlightSim Logger using the icon on the desktop of your system.

Below you can see license activation window. It appears only the first time you launch FlightSim Logger. You must specify your name and the e-mail address that you used to purchase the product: then, simply click on "Get Activation Code" button to complete the operation. Activation code will be saved in the file "License.lic" inside your "Documents\VivendoByte FlightSim Logger" folder. Please note that the Country field is optional.

How to install a plugin

A plugin is an external component of FlightSim Logger that extends the features of the Flight Data Recorder main core.
To install a new plugin, launch FlightSim Logger, open File menu and click on "Install a new plugin..." menu.
Download one of the .zip files listed below, then select it into the dialog.
Restart FlightSim Logger.

Official download plugins