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Welcome to official site of VivendoByte FlightSim Logger!

VivendoByte FlightSim Logger is the best black-box for your PC flight simulator.

In general, VivendoByte FlightSim Logger is compatible with any flight simulator with FSUIPC support.

Main features

It's a powerful black-box for all aircrafts installed in the supported flight simulators.
It works well with any kind of aircrafts: airplanes and helicopters.
It supports default aircrafts or third-party aircraft (sold and purchased separetely).
During the flight, a huge numbers of parameter are saved. Latitude, longitude, altitude, speed are essentials.
Any flight is saved on your PC in zip and csv format.
Detect any photo captured during the flight and attach them to the zip archive.
Support for Contest Mode.
Each flight can be customized with Flight Number and Flight Identification.
Automatic Start mode for the internal black-box, with minimum speed detection.
Timer of the internal black-box can be customized.
Support for different types of Sim Engine: SimConnect (native for FSX), X-Plane and FSUIPC.
Any flight can be studied and examined with Google Earth or using a spreadhseet.
With Google Earth each flight is shown with a three-dimensional representation.

VivendoByte FlightSim Logger was created with the closed collaboration of Piloti Virtuali Italiani: thanks to all, because without them, this software would never be born.